Demon Hip Belt X D3O
Demon Hip Belt X D3O
Demon Hip Belt X D3O

Demon Hip Belt X D3O

DS1309 Hip Belt-01

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Demon Hip Belt X D3O

Demon's new Hip Belt X D3O fills that void for people who want tailbone and/or hip protection without protective shorts. Easily secure the elastic strap around your waist and place the pads wherever you need them. Ride with all the pads or just the ones you want.
Just want tailbone protection? No problem, use the D3O tailbone pad and the belt loops provided to secure it around your pants and your set. The Hip X Belt is the most versatile hip/tailbone protection available!

  • D3O Tailbone CE EN 1621-1
  • Removable hip pads.
  • Adjustable belt.
  • Multi-sport all season gear.
  • Hand wash, air dry.


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