D3O makes trusted, high performance, quality shock absorbing solutions for its global partners. A Private Equity backed company, D3O’s headquarters and global innovation centre is located in South London, UK, with operating bases in North America and the Far East. As a premium brand and innovator of impact protection and shock absorption solutions, D3O’s in-house testing lab demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to quality, performance, safety and technological leadership. D3O collaborates with strategic independent technical partners, including universities and testing houses to verify and certify D3O® developments to ensure the calibration of methods and results and to meet stringent industry standards.

D3O is a Gold Member of leading independent UK test house SATRA and has recently collaborated with Cranfield Impact Centre the UK’s number one independent test centre for F1 and defence.

D3O’s material scientists carefully tune polymer blends to achieve specific properties to the final application such as temperature stability, abrasion resistance or flexibility. Our extensive material portfolio includes a wide range of grades compatible with different production processes. Each formulation is developed to meet the specific needs of diverse marketplaces and a wide range of product applications.

D3O® protects athletes and teams at all levels in sports – from head to toe. We make a wide range of pioneering products adopted by some of the world’s most renowned sporting goods brands including Demon United, Adidas, SCOTT Sports, Under Armour, Warrior and GENERATOR.

  • Soft, flexible and comfortable helmet liners for US team sports such as Football, Baseball and Ice Hockey, as well as protective inserts for ski headgear
  • CE certified limb and back protectors
  • Body protection designed for low-mid velocity sports applications
  • Footwear products including insoles, heel inserts and midsoles to reduce fatigue while running
  • Ankle protectors for extreme sports including mountain biking
  • Solutions suited to different environments: from snowy mountains to dry and humid mountain bike trails