About Us

 These two brothers have been enjoying the outdoors together since the early 80's. Motorcycle riding, skiing, snowboarding and BMX were the early passions while growing up in California.

Circa 1981 California

Boreal, Kirkwood and Squaw Valley Resorts in Lake Tahoe were the resorts of choice in the late 80's as snowboarding arrived on the scene. 

Circa 1990 Kirkwood Resort, Lake Tahoe

In 1999 the brothers joined forces and created Demon Sports with the goal of making stomp pads for snowboarding.  The first product Demon produced was the Stomplock which served the purpose of a stomp pad and a lock to help prevent snowboard theft at resorts.

The brothers invested all their money to sell the Stomplock at the SIA Snowsports show in Las Vegas. They put it all on the line, knowing that if they did not sell any products then they would have to head in a different direction. The gamble in Las Vegas paid off for these two brothers and the Stomplock sold 5,000 units the first year.

Circa 2000
Over the years Demon Sports branched out to produce products in snowboarding, skiing, BMX, mountain biking and many other gravity sports.  Demon Sports was re-branded to Demon International, Demon Snow, Demon Dirt, Demon Optics, Demon Protection and finally Demon United.

Demon United is now headquartered in Utah and currently designs and manufactures hundreds of products and protective gear for all types of gravity sports and distributes the products worldwide in over 40 countries. The focus and dedication of Demon United is to create great products that help KEEP YOU FROM AN EARLY GRAVE.


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