Tune Kit Instructions

Video Tutorials:

1) Broad Overview : Video Tuning overview click here

2) Edge tuning tips and tricks click here

3) How to wax snowboard/ski click here

4) Choosing the right wax click here

5) Base repair/Ptex repair click here

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 Additional common questions

How do I know what iron temperature to use? What temperature should I set my Iron at?

The Iron temperature should be set as cool as possible but warm enough that the wax melts easily. This will make the wax be in a liquid state about 4 inches behind your moving iron. The Slide wax iron is made to hold a specific temperature for easier and more efficient waxing. Make sure to continuously move the iron and not let it sit still on the base of your ski or board.


How do I adjust the Slide iron to work for a different country?

Simply adjust the switch in the back of the Iron from 110-220 and plug in your country’s power adapter. The Iron comes set up for USA 110V. Min. marking on iron dial is approx. 80c/140f, Max. marking on iron is approx. 180c/350f.

Can I use an infrared thermometer (IR gun) to test my ski wax iron's accuracy?

Do not use infrared thermometer guns to measure temperature as the reflective base will give you a false reading.

How do I know what brush in the brush kit to use?

Before: 10 mm brass brush that is good for renewing base structure and opening pores before you wax.

During: 10 mm nylon brush that is stiff enough to remove the bulk of the wax during the tuning process.

Finish: 8 mm fine horsehair brush for removing wax from your ski or snowboard base structure.


What do each of the tools do?

Metal Scraper- Works perfectly for leveling and p-tex base work.

P-tex- Use to fill in gouges on your ski or snowboard base.

Acrylic Scraper- Scraping off wax -notched end for scraping the wax off of the edges.

Edge Tuner- Sharpen/tuning your edges.

Edge Stone- De-bur, de-tune edges.

Gummy Stone- Edge cleanup and rust removal.

Diamond Files- 3 different files

  • Coarse- To remove large dings and side edge damage.
  • Medium- Used to create a sharp side edge and fine tune edge damage.
  • Fine- Really bring out the shine and fine polish. Will ensure a smooth and professional edge finish.

Brake Retainers- Holds the ski brake during edge tuning

Vise- Holds your skis or snowboard while tuning

Base Cleaner- Helps clean and prepare your base for a fresh coat of wax.

Base Buff Pads- Use these for prepping wax and buffing base. The Buff pads come in 3 grains, Medium (Red or Maroon), Fine (Black or Gray), Non-abrasive (Orange or White) non-woven nylon.

 What are the differences between each of your vises?

All of our vises will work great for skis and snowboards.

  • Muzzle Vise: Made from metal and was built to be durable. This is our only vise that has 3 pieces for skis. This will keep your skis more stable in the middle and able to rotate while tuning. If you're using this for snowboards, we recommend using the adapters to make the end vises wide to supports snowboards easier.
  • Ski & Snow Vise: Adjustable 2 side edge positions, a standard 90- and 60-degree edge work. Rubber surfaces to keep your skis and boards secure from scratches.
  • Ultra-Vise:  This vise has everything that the Ski & Snow vise has but the Ultra vise has a locking mechanism to even further the security of your skis or board. The Ultra also comes with two rubber ski brake retainers that are included to help secure your ski break locks in place while tuning.

How many skis or boards can I tune with your 1lb wax?

Many, maybe up to 20-30, depending on how liberally you apply the wax


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