Demon Flexmeter Over Gloves

Demon Flexmeter Over Gloves


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Demon Flexmeter Over Gloves

  • The new Flexmeter Over Gloves is perfect multi-sport add on. Do you want to use your Flexmeter wrist guard technology under a glove? Flexmeter has the perfect fitting over glove for your wrist guard. Made from the most durable materials including Kevlar fingertips, these gloves are built to last. Flexmeter Over Gloves can also be worn as a standalone snowboard/ski glove.

Flexmeter Over Glove Features

  • Insulation: Hydrotex® thin light but highly resistant
  • Exterior: 100% Polyethylene
  • Palm: Synthetic reinforcement
  • Fingertips: Kevlar® material covering to limit abrasion
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Long cuff with easy-pull tensioner
  • Adjustable wrist loop to secure the gloves for safe removal on lift chairs
  • Can also be worn as a standalone Snowboarding or ski glove
  • Easily fits over the Flexmeter wrist guards and and/or other wrist guards
  • Sold in pairs

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