Elbow Soft Cap  X D3O V2
Elbow Soft Cap  X D3O V2
Elbow Soft Cap  X D3O V2
Elbow Soft Cap  X D3O V2

Elbow Soft Cap X D3O V2

DS5513 -48

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The redesigned Demon Soft Cap Pro X D3O elbow pads are the most versatile pads around. Made from flexible lycra and neoprene, these pads feature the impact absorption technology of D3O. These D3O elbow pads also have strands of beaded silicone running the diameter of the inside to keep them in place during heavy exercise and sweating. Lightweight, breathable and comfortable, these pads can be used in a huge variety of sports from kayaking, mountain biking, sailing, BMX and any sport in between.

We use top quality materials to bring you some of the best protection on the market. We incorporated D3O impact technology into our Soft Cap D3O elbow pads to provide our riders we soft, flexible pads that allow a full range of motion. The D3O material locks on shock and absorbs impact during a crash and then returns back to its flexible state. The D3O elbow pads are the way to go if you want, soft, comfortable and safe protection.

Click for more information about Demon X Series and D3O impact technology.

Lightweight dual density foam front cap.

T5 CE EN 1621-1+ Optional Cold Test (-10C) Elbow

Sleek pull on sleeve design.

No straps or velcro.

D3O padding gives the most protection you can get without hard plastic.

Low profile.

Hand wash, air dry.


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