Demon United Hyper-Comb Knee Pad

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Impact Force Diffusion:

The Hyper-Comb with its proprietary blend of polyurethane and silicone is designed to disperse force away from the impact point. The Hyper-Comb is certified CE EN1621 Level 1.

Flex Tech:

This knee guard incorporates breathable mesh on the backside to allow optimal ventilation and moisture management.

Performance Design:

Demon has developed a unique underlay sewing method that allows for the knee guard to sit close to the body surface and mimic the natural movement of your joints.

Weather Guard:

Sealed Padding makes it impervious to water, dirt, and snow. Designed to perform in all weather conditions.

The Demon Hyper-Comb is our Premier Ultra-Thin knee and elbow pads. These pads are perfect for any sport or activity and are certified to the Euro Standard CE-EN1621-1.

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