Demon United Elite X Ski and Snowboard Edge Care Kit- Includes Side Edge Multi-Tool, 3 Diamond Stones, Steel File and Gummy Stone

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    Included in this kit is Demon's adjustable side edge tool that can accept any file (steel or diamond) between 5 and 7 mm thick and up to 72 mm in length. The tool can adjust the side edge to angles of 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90 degrees.


    The accuracy of the degree angles has been laser measured and tested. The Demon edge tool also has a unique built in file to clean off any steel scraps from the files after tuning. Built to be lightweight and very durable and backed by Demon's Quality Warranty


    Files in all their grits will help you in your tuning as you sharpen, deburr and polish the edges of your ski and snowboard. The Demon Diamond stones included come in 3 grits, 240 (Black-Rough Cut), 500 (Red- Medium) and 1000 (Blue- Ultra-Fine). Also included is a steel file and gummy stone for edge work during prep and during the final process.