Demon Team Visor - For Podium Helmet

Demon Team Visor - For Podium Helmet


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Demon Podium Full Face Helmet Team Visor

  • Make your Podium full-face helmet even better with the new Demon team visor. Keep your boldness coming through with the bright green scheme on your gear. The visor design sports the same matte "Demon green" that runs throughout our product line. It also incorporates dark charcoal and light gray so it will match your new Podium black or white helmet. Use it as a replacement visor or an additional visor to liven up your Podium full-face helmet.
  • The Team Visor is made from the same tough polycarbonate material as the helmet and features strong screw attachments that are easy to use.
  • Adjustable.
  • Aluminum screws (not the cheap plastic ones that come with most full-face helmets).
  • Just a few easy steps to swap your visor.

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