Demon Flexforce X D3O Padded Shorts Snow

Demon Flexforce X D3O Padded Shorts Snow


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Flexforce X D3O Padded Shorts Snow

Blending protection, style, and technology and bundling it in a price you can afford. The new, redesigned Flexforce X D3O is the best D3O short at the best value period.

These X shorts are the lightest, most breathable shorts we offer, while still maintaining big protection benefits. It features D3O intelligent protective material. The tail bone padding on these padded shorts with D3O is soft and comfortable, but when needed most, upon impact it stiffens to distribute the force of an impact protecting your body from damage. Made with lightweight, athletic blend lycra/mesh material. Full ventilating legs and thermoform, full-flex hips and butt, with an elastic waistband.

Click for more information about Demon X Series and D3O impact technology.

  • D3O Tailbone CE EN 1621-1
  • Lightweight athletic blend lycra/mesh for close-fitting comfort.
  • Full ventilating legs
  • Multisport all-season gear.
  • Hand wash, air dry. 


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