Demon Flexforce X2 D3O Women&
Demon Flexforce X2 D3O Women&
Demon Flexforce X2 D3O Women&

Demon Flexforce X2 D3O Women's Top


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Chest Plate

Demon Flexforce X2 D3O Women's Top

When you love to shred Snow and Dirt the Demon Flexforce X2 D3O Top is the ultimate in upper body protection. The new X2 provides an entire new platform of protection and comfort. The X2 was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate in ALL- Season Shredding. We adjusted the cut,fit, ventilation, and added padding for extra rib protection. We also added bicep protection, stomach, and lower back protection.The X2 also comes factory direct with a chest pad which you can upgrade to the CE D3O.

The X2 includes an ergonomic side zipper for easy of entry and full frontal protection. The X2 also integrates X-Connect Technology allowing you to connect Demon shorts or pants to have gap-free protection. With lightweight, athletic lycra/mesh material the Flexforce X2 D3O is ultra comfortable and easily worn in all terrains from the slopes to the trails. Perfect for adding protection to your chest and sternum!

Click for more information about Demon X Series and D3O impact technology.

  • D3O Tailbone CE EN 1621-1+ Optional Cold Test (-10C)
  • D3O BP3 Level 1 EN 1621-1 + Optional cold test (-10C) and Snowsports test (-20C)
  • T5 CE EN 1621-1+ Optional Cold Test (-10C) Elbow and Shoulder


  • Additional collarbone protection.
  • Low cut neckline for comfort
  • Side zip entrance
  • Added bicep padding
  • Standard close cell chest plate comes standard
  • Articulated rib and abdomen pads
  • Adjustable elbow straps for a better fit.
  • Available with optional D3O Chest Plate
  • X-Connect Technology- Gap- Free Protection
  • Designed to shred Snow and Dirt
  • Fits snugly to the body.
  • Lightweight, athletic blend of lycra and mesh.
  • Fully ventilated underarm and side.
  • Multi-sport all season gear.
  • Hand wash, air dry.




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