Charger Tune Kit - Includes 110v/220v Slide Iron

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Iron Voltage

The Demon Charger Tune Kit is hands down the best value tune kit available. Every accessory needed to provide a premium tune is included.

Get yours today and Charge the mountain!

This tune-kit now comes with our Slide Iron!

Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Adjustable Temp. Iron With Lifetime Warranty

Orange Crush Wax

Blue Blur Wax

Hyper Big Block Wax

Tuning Stone

Wire Brush

Bastard File

10 mm Nylon Brush

Edge Tuner 90/88

Shavings Brush

Brake Retainers

10 mm Brass Brush

8mm Horse Hair Brush

White Lightning Wax

Modified Hydrocarbon Wax

Base Cleaner

Polish Pad

Metal Scraper

Tuning Instruction Guide

7.5" Wax Scraper with Edge Notch

White & Black P-Tex

Flat File

Demon waxes contain no PFC's and are Made in USA.