Armortec Premium Long Pants D30 by Demon

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Armortec Long Pants D3O

To satisfy the demand for superior undercover protection, Demon introduced the Armortec line. The Armortec Long Pants D3O are made from durable, snug fitting athletic material that can easily be worn under jeans, snowpants, etc. D3O padding thoughout makes these shorts some of the toughest, low-profile padded shorts on the market. Want more information on on D3O, check Click for more information about Demon X Series and D3O impact technology.

Low-Profile Armortec Long Pants D3O - Great for Stunt Work

  • D3O impact protection on hips, legs, thigh, knee and tailbone.
  • Flexible compression nylon spandex.
  • Heavy duty stitching.
  • Elastic waist.
  • Multi-sport all season gear.
  • Hand wash, air dry.