Armortec Premium Long Sleeve Shirt D30 by Demon

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The Armortec Long Sleeve Shirt D3O was built with athletes in mind. This protective top is made of durable athletic spandex with an array of mesh vents located along the sides, and underarms. The protective D3O padding is the newest in protective technology and is located in 9 sports on this top, as shown above. The durable and breathable material combined with the low profile D3O padding makes this top the perfect protection for snowboarders, skiers, mountain bikers, BMX and stuntmen.

Click for more information about Demon X Series and D3O impact technology.

Flexible compression nylon spandex.

D3O padding protection in the shoulders, chest, upper and lower arms, wrist and elbow.

Heavy duty stitching.

Elastic waist compression straps/hook & loop.

Fits snugly to the body.

Fits discreetly under clothes.

Hand wash, air dry.